Printed board

Printed picture: The 1450 type printing plate production line adopts the world's advanced production technology. The production line uses advanced equipment such as automatic ABB electronic control system, and uses cold rolled coil or hot-dip galvanizing as raw material to produce high-quality color-coated printing plates and colors with thickness of 0.15mm-2.00mm and width of 600mm-1250mm. Aluminum plate, home appliance board. The designed annual output is 130,000 tons.

Color coating

The color-coated steel plate is a new type of building material that has been rapidly emerging in the world for nearly 30 years. It is refined on the continuous unit by chemical pretreatment, initial coating and coating. The quality of the coating is much more uniform, more stable and more desirable than the one-piece spraying or brushing of the molded metal surface.
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